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"Michael's complete step-by-step fully illustrated manuel + easy to follow videos will

have you generating your own electricity for less than $200 of total investment!"


From the DIY workshop of Michael Smith

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March 2010


Hello, my name is Michael and I'm going to help YOU reduce your power bill by 80% of even eliminate it completely. Not only that, if you make more power than you use, your power company will be the one paying you! My Do-It-Yourself manual is going to show you everything you need to know about making electricity from your very own backyard.


If you are interested in learning exactly how to generate power, using a guide with step-by-step instructions and videos, then this is the perfect ressource for you! Keep reading below to learn more about generating electricity at home.


Solar panel systems are sold for over $3000. This guide will tell you how you can build your own solar panels for under $200!

By building your own solar panels and wind turbine using materials you probably already have in your basement, you can significantly reduce your energy bill by producing your own energy. And if you generate more than you use, the power company will be the one paying you!


How is this possible? Sunlight and wind are forces. A force can be converted into any kind of energy using the adequate technology. In fact, creating electricity requires a very small physical force and that's what the utility companies DON'T want you to find out!


The Makenaturalpower guide contains detailed instructions and diagrams that are easy to follow and offer the best value and performance available anywhere. We have tested this guide on complete novices, and we were pleased to see that ALL of them managed to build and install an operational power system!


Not only will this power allow you to keep thousand of dollars in your pocket, but it will also add great value to your house. For every $1 you can save annually, your house will gain $20 in value.


Wind and Solar power are called Renewable Energies. This means that this kind of energy is impossible to exhaust because it is generated by natural forces. In this guide you will learn how to master and extract energy from two of those forces: Wind and Sun.


Why should you make your own power at home?

Your power bill will be greatly reduced, if not completely eliminated.

Doing what you can for the environment is great, and your children will be proud of your action's in helping to secure their future.

Its fun to do! Using step-by-step instructions with detailed illustrations and diagrams.

The system will pay for itself within a month or two.

Instead of paying for power, you will be able to use the money that you have saved to fulfill your dreams.

Knowing that you are helping to solve the energy crisis and global warming is a great feeling!

The instructions are clear enough for a complete novice to complete this in a few hours.



Schematics for building your own solar panels & information on how to obtain the materials for free or at massively discounted prices.


Detailed instructions and diagrams for each different system and configuration including the portable solar power system, inter-tied grid, or even completely off grid system.


Maintenance, legal and general information relative to the use of your new solar power system.


In this book you will learn how to create many different solar power systems. First however, you will learn how to build one for as low as $200 and you can then use it to power anything: a laptop, TV, microwave, etc.

It's a great system because it's cheap, it pays for itself very quickly and is compact and portable so you can even bring it in camping or anywhere else that you choose!


You will also learn how to connect many solar panels together as well as the necessary wiring configuration to attach it to your house's main power system so you can benefit from it directly from your home outlet's. The unused power will be sent outside of your house so don't be surprised if your electric meter starts going backward!




Schematics for building your own
windmill using easy to find materials. This windmill produces about 1000 watt of usable electric power with a 20 MPH wind.


Detailed images show where to attach parts with precise measures and step-by step instructions to guarantee you the best results possible.


Maintenance, legal and general information relative to the use of your new wind power system.

If you live in a windy place, you will want to use windmills for sure. In this book you will learn how you can use all the junk that you have in your basement to make your very own power-generating windmill for as low as $100. We guarantee it to be professional looking with quality power output.


Our system allows the energy to be stored and used at a constant speed, so there is no need to be afraid that your computer or your TV will keep shutting down every time the wind stops. This really is THE guide to making a quality windmill power system.




What is included in the Manual?


Important information on what to do BEFORE starting. If you don't know this your whole attempt at generating home electricity could result in a disaster.
How does solar and wind power function. Its not a indispensable information but its always fun to know, isn't it?
Complete step-by-step instructions to make your own solar power generator, including the 200 watt solar panels blueprints and all the different configurations possible, each of them with their own diagrams and instructions.
Complete step-by step instructions to make a professionally looking 1000-watt windmill, with detailed diagrams and instructions, using easy-to-find material.
Maintenance and legal information about your new power systems. This is important if you wish your system to stay operational for years to come.
General tips on how to save money on gas and electricity. Doing the special tricks found in our manual can reduce your energy AND fuel consumptions by 30%!
Secrets on how to find the cheapest deals for your materials and parts. Some of them can even be obtained for free!
+ many more topics.


How much does it cost?


The guide is on sale today for $97 (This price will NOT last. check bottom of page for sale's expiration date) and all of the raw materials cost less than $200 and are easy to find. When you are done building your panels and turbines, you can start building some for your family and friend's houses and help them save money on their power bills as well as helping to solve the energy crisis!


We even received a testimonial from one of our customers, in Colorado, who started selling and installing solar panels to his whole neighborhood after he learned how to build them using our easy-to-follow e-Book!


We are not greedy. We see no objection to you using the knowledge in our book to start your own solar panel or wind turbine business. In fact, we ENCOURAGE you to do so!




I just wish to say thank you for your wonderful guide. A few weeks ago, me and my wife made our first solar panel using your guide. We were quite skeptical at first, because it seemed pretty simple. But it actually worked out pretty well, thanks to your detailed diagrams and step-by-step instructions!


Now we have more than enough energy to power our house and our electricity meters is going backward! We have decided we would give the same chance to our neighborhood. In our spare time, we craft solar panels and we sell them to our happy neighbors. I hope you don't mind, because doing this might make you lose potential customers.


It is amazing the quantity of money people can save just by installing such a simple system.


Thanks again :)


~Samuel - July 29 2010




How much money can you save?


Industry-built Solar and Wind power generators cost between $3,000 and $10,000 and can typically take 4 to 15 years to pay for themselves. With the's manual, you're going to get the same results for a tiny fraction of the price and the system will pay for itself within a month or two!

Its a build-and-profit system. Once its running, you're going to save thousands in electricity every year, for as long as you decide to keep your system online. If you think its going to be hard to build the system, then we suggest you think twice before you pay your next electricity bill.




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P.S - Utility companies are charging way too much for electricity because they know that no matter what price they decide upon, people like you will have NO CHOICE but to pay it. Who can live without electricity? How about returning the favor and putting a few hundred extra dollars into your pocket every time you get your electricity bill? Think about it!

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